When You Hit a Bump: Avoidance

The path to success is rarely a rocket ship straight up.  It normally involves ups and downs

Path to Successalong the way.  The “downs” are what I call “bumps in the road” and how we respond to to those bumps will determine our level of success.

There are four basic ways to respond to bumps. We have already talked about denial and anger.    The 3rd possible way to respond is avoidance.  We think if we just stay away from something long enough it will go away.

There is a comfort in avoiding tough situations.  It means I can sidestep a tough conversation, a sticky circumstance or even my own feelings. It can feel good to take a nap, watch Netflix or clean the house rather than dealing with an important issue.

The problem is avoiding does not typically solve the problem.  If I take a nap or watch Netflix, the problem is usually still there, now it just two hours later!  Avoiding is the best friend of procrastination, they always travel together.

If you are an avoider, here’s one helpful tip.  Pick one tough thing to do at the beginning of the day and just do it.  Watch your productivity rise for the rest of the day.


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